Solar Energy System

Entire Builders and Engineering is committed to providing the highest quality of service and expert system design for both residential and commercial photo-voltaic systems. We have experience designing systems ranging from 5kw – 2MW and we can provide assistance in all phases of the project from the RFP initiation to project closing anywhere in Afghanistan, including to provide conceptual drawings and details, initial site assessment through construction, complete plan sets and system commissioning with professionals from Faculty of Engineering Kabul University Department of Renewable Energy and conversion in coordination with Professional Engineers (PE) in USA to successfully  accomplish solar projects.

Assistance with the RFP process and project proposals

  • Potential system size
  • Point of connection
  • Conceptual drawings and details
  • Bidding assistance Initial site analysis and project feasibility
  • Service study
  • Site location
  • Shade analysis
  • Local and NEC code evaluation
  • Load assessment Complete plan sets 5Solar-Power-Systems
  • Site plan
  • Roof plan and module layout
  • Electrical wiring schematic
  • Equipment plans
  • Specification sheets
  • Mechanical attachment details


Administrative Assistance


  • Acquisition of city / provincial permitting
  • Interconnection agreement
  • Operation and maintenance manual


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