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As a leading construction and engineering company for quality growth in our country and outside country Entire Builders Engineering is committed to manage Star Target Contracting LLC in UAE/Dubai to building recognition of eBe’s construction, design, management and quality assurance capabilities in key markets and broadening our services based on generating employment and economic development

STAR TARGET CONTRACTING LLC. is a leading infrastructure companymulti-faceted and socially responsible entity that balances between business and responsibility towards a sustainable environment.. The company has been involved in a large scale, complex construction and infrastructure projects in Afghanistan.

STAR TARGET CONTRACTING LLC. has support the establishment of the State of Afghanistan and has played an active role in developing and building the country. Intensified its involvement in projects geared towards sustainability, in light of its vision of taking a leadership role in creating a sustainable and progressive life environment.

As part of its commitment, the entity has adopted sustainable construction standards and is committed to norms of honesty, transparency, innovation, and excellence. These values have been guiding the entity over the past and, as part of its focus on growth engines, activities were expanded in the field of renewable energy.

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